Smoke Damage Restoration Services in PA & WV

Trust the Experts When Smoke Damages Your Home or Business

When smoke from a fire damages your Pennsylvania or West Virginia home or business, it can be difficult to repair all the damages and clean up the mess. You could do the work yourself, but depending on the size and scale of the fire and the extent of the smoke damage, you may quickly feel overwhelmed by the amount of work. Let the experts at ServiceMaster by Just in Time do the work for you. We know the best, most efficient methods to remove soot and smoke odor from your furniture, carpets, and more.

Quality, Efficient Repairs & Clean-Up After Smoke Damage

When your life has been affected by a disaster like a fire, you want to put the whole event behind you. Even if the blaze occurred next door, smoke from the neighboring fire can leave messy cleanup and damages. When you trust ServiceMaster by Just in Time to help you clean up and restore your home or business quickly and efficiently. Our experienced team knows the best ways to clean up soot, odors, and repair other smoke-related damages. Our expert general contractors work with our cleaning team to help you rebuild your life.

We Completely Remove Soot, Smoke & Odors

At ServiceMaster by Just in Time, we perform a variety of tasks to ensure that we completely remove any soot, smoke, or odors from your home. We first clean any built up ash residue off surfaces before it can spread. We neutralize any odors and deoderize carpets and curtains before they are cleaned. If you have any at-risk items like brass, aluminum, chrome, marble, tile, or porcelain, we can remove soot and stains to get them looking good as new. Our team can also recommend special chemicals that will break up smoke molecules to get rid of the odors before you wash them.

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