Increase Air Quality with
Duct Cleaning from

Increase Air Quality with
Duct Cleaning from

Clean Ducts Regularly to Rid Air of Pollutants

Getting your ducts cleaned generally means cleaning the various components of forced air HVAC systems. If you or your family suffers from allergies or asthma, get your ducts cleaned now to help maintain a healthy home. Clean ducts are also important for businesses and offices, because no one wants to work in a place that will make their allergies worse.

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Benefits of Regular HVAC Duct Cleaning in Fayette County, PA

Having your air ducts cleaned every two to three years benefits residential and commercial buildings by improving airflow. You, your family, and employees will notice a difference in your health when you have clean ducts. ServiceMaster by Just in Time offers effective HVAC duct cleaning services in Fayette County, PA.

Some major benefits of cleaning your ducts include:

Improved Air Quality
Energy Savings
Reduction of Mold Growth
Removal of Unpleasant Odors

Reduction of Allergens & Irritants
Increased Efficiency for Your Furnace & Air Conditioner
Extended Life of Your HVAC Systems

What to Expect When You Call ServiceMaster to Clean Your Ducts

When you call ServiceMaster by Just in Time, you can expect fast, friendly service and an efficient cleaning team. We know the quickest and best ways to clean your ducts, and we never leave until the job is 100 percent complete. We clean and inspect the entire system, using vacuum equipment that exhausts particles into a HEPA filter so that they cannot re-enter the building. We even remove, clean, and reinstall all registers and vents so that the whole system gets a comprehensive clean.

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Please note that at this time, our HVAC duct cleaning services are only available to customers in Fayette County, PA.