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Extraction Services from

Remove Standing Water from Your Basement or Garage with a Sump Pump

Standing water can cause a great deal of damage to your floors, furniture, walls, and more. If it is not removed quickly, it can cause mold growth and serious, permanent damage to the structure of buildings. Do not let water seriously damage your home or business. ServiceMaster by Just in Time can remove the standing water easily with a portable sump pump.

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Sump Pumps Help Dry Your PA or WV Home or Business Faster

The faster you can remove the water from your PA or WV home or business, the less time the drying process will take. Sump pumps remove water quickly from a basement or garage and direct it into a drain pipe or ditch. Once we remove the water, our team can begin the drying process. If you call ServiceMaster by Just in Time as soon as you notice standing water anywhere in your home or business, we can begin work immediately and your life can get back to normal faster.

Our Water Damage Services Include:

Mold Remediation
HVAC/Duct Cleaning
Furniture Refinishing
Biohazard Cleaning
Flood Damage Restoration
Document Drying & Recovering

Electronic Equipment Restoration
Data & Document Recovery
Complete Building & Contents Cleaning
Antiques & Fine Art Restoration
Carpet, Rug & Upholstery Cleaning
Drying, Dehumidification & Water Extraction

Install a Permanent Sump Pump if Flooding is Severe or Frequent

Portable sump pumps like the ones we use at ServiceMaster by Just in Time have small motors that can get burnt out if you try to use it on a large amount of water. In cases where flooding is more than what our pumps can handle or happens frequently, our team recommends installing a permanent sump pump. Our team can even help you find a great plumber to install the pump.