Harrison County, WV Disaster Restoration Services

Recover Quickly After Disaster Strikes Clarksburg, WV

When disaster strikes and your Clarksburg, WV home or business is affected by fire, flood, wind, trees, or some other type of damages, trust the experts at ServiceMaster by Just in Time to help you recover. We are trained to handle many different types of damages, and we can restore or repair almost anything in Harrison County. From restoring fine art after smoke or fire damage to removing mold from your basement in Clarksburg after a burst pipe, we do it all. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or schedule an appointment: (724) 628-2122.

A Variety of Services from ServiceMaster by Just in Time

• Deodorizing Service/Odor Removal
• Trauma/Vandalism Site Restoration
• Emergency Debris & Tree Removal
• Structural Drying
• Board-Up Service

• Pack-Out & Storage Service
• Sanitizing
• Drywall Replacement
• Wind/Hail Damage

Water Can Damage Your Bridgeport, WV Home or Business

When a pipe bursts or you have a leak, water can rush into your Bridgeport, WV home or business and damage walls, flooring, furniture, decor, and more. Hopefully, you discover the water damage immediately, but sometimes, you do not. In either case, ServiceMaster by Just in Time can help mitigate the damage and restore things to their original state. Whether you need new drywall, or your electronics were damaged and you need files pulled from hard drives, our experts are here to help you recover fully after water damage in Bridgeport.

After A Fire in Your Shinnston, WV Home, Don't Wait! Call ServiceMaster Today!

When your Shinnston, WV home or business is damaged by fire or smoke, it can be difficult to know what you should do first. Call ServiceMaster by Just in Time to assist you with your restoration efforts in Shinnston. We can advise you on exactly what to do to make sure you get the best results from our services. Here are some of the tips we recommend for faster, easier restoration:


  • Call ServiceMaster by Just in Time immediately
  • Air out your home by opening windows and doors to reduce smoke odor if the temperature is above 60 degrees.
  • Clean formica, chrome, porcelain, and aluminum fixtures to prevent permanent tarnishing or etching.
  • Change the air filter on your furnace if it uses forced hot air.
  • Tape damp cheesecloth over important documents to capture loose soot in the air.
  • Discard any open food packages that may have been contaminated
  • Clean out the refrigerator and leave doors propped open if the electricity is off.
  • Send clothing with heavy smoke damage to a qualified restoration dry cleaner.


  • Touch anything. Oil from your hands can permeate upholstery, walls, and woodwork, causing additional damage.
  • Wash walls. Incorrect cleaning could compound the soot residue.
  • Attempt to clean carpets or upholstery furniture.
  • Attempt to use electrical appliances before having them checked.
  • Use ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet.

When you face disaster recovery in the Harrison County, WV region, trust the professionals from ServiceMaster by Just in Time to provide the help you need. Our crews handle a variety of important services to homes and businesses in and around Harrison County, so call us first!