How important is duct cleaning? Did you know there are more pollutants in your home then there are outside it?

Duct cleaning generally refers to cleaning various heating and cooling system componets of forced air systems. With increased allergie awareness, now is the time to get your ducts cleaned to help maintain a healthy home for you and your family.

Consider having your ducts cleaned if you have:

  • An existing home that has been remolded
  • A newly constructed home
  • Purchased a home and don’t know if the ducts were ever cleaned
  • Lived in a home for more that 10 years and have never had your ducts cleaned


What you can expect from ServiceMaster Restoration by Just In Time Services:

  • Open access ports to allow the entire system to be cleaned and inspected
  • Use vacuum equipment that exhausts particles into a (HEPA) filter, which doesn’t allow the particles to re-enter your home
  • Use well-controlled brushing of duct surfaces in conjunction with a vacuuming system, to dislodge dust and other particles.
  • Remove, clean, and reinstall all registers and vents
  • Take care to protect the duct work, including sealing any access holes the service technician may have made or used


Air duct cleaning every 2 – 3 years benefits both residential and commercial buildings by improving airflow, preventing illness and allergie irritations, and reducing dust and odors.

Isn’t your health worth the investment?

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